Painting a tiny landscape the other week was really fun, so I decided to do more landscape painting.

I went shopping on Black Friday and bought detail brushes - including script liners, tiny rounds, fan brushes, and even a deerfoot stippler! I also bought a book called Paint Landscapes in Acrylic by Lee Hammond.

I was drawn to this book because the author doesn't use reference photos in it. This keeps the focus on mastering broader landscape techniques. He also divides paintings up into 3 stages: the underpainting stage, the 'awkward' stage, and the finished stage. He demonstrates how to move a painting out of the awkward stage and into a beautiful finished stage.

I've been working through some example projects in the book. There are 16 total, and they gradually increase in complexity. Below are my paintings from the first 3 projects.


This first project is a sunset skyscape, which focuses on techniques for painting clouds. I have a hard time painting clouds.

5"x7" panel:

Orange Skyscape

Reflections and Tree Silhouettes

Next is a sunset with a reflecting lake and some tree silhouettes. This was a great chance to practice using detail brushes to create trees. I loved working with all these bright oranges and yellows.

5"x7" canvas:

Tree Sunset Lake Scene

Blended Sunsets and Leafy Trees

This one is a more detailed sunset with blended colors and leafy trees. Detail brushes like script liners are essential for painting skinny branches. I used a sponge for some of the leaf texture.

5"x7" canvas:

Tree Sunset

Into the Wild

After doing those, I took on a project of my own, inspired by a reference photo from the Wet Canvas December Landscape Challenge. I'm very happy with how this turned out!

5"x7" canvas:

Gray Lake Scene

I look forward to doing more landscape painting.