I went to a tech conference called Strange Loop last week. It takes place once a year in Saint Louis, Missouri, and features talks by the creators and earliest users of cutting-edge technologies. I've heard that the technologies you learn about at Strange Loop are those that people will be using widely in a couple of years. Strange Loop is a way to explore this exciting future.

This was my very first tech conference, and I had an amazing time! I overloaded my brain with talks about new and mind-bending technologies, and I met more brilliant people than I can count.


I could go on and on for a very long time about all that I enjoyed at Strange Loop. I'll try to confine everything within a few bullet points.

Diversity Scholarship

I attended Strange Loop with the help of a diversity scholarship. Many very generous individuals and companies contributed to the scholarship pool - and enabled Strange Loop to dramatically increase the percent of minority attendees.

To those generous people:

THANK YOU! This experience meant so much to me! Not just for all that I learned, but also for the rare opportunity to see diversity in technology. And, rarer still, for the opportunity to see people from diverse backgrounds giving talks and being leaders in the industry. I feel revitalized and inspired. I can't wait to pay this experience forward.