January 7, 2017

This winter, I visited the otherworldly Antarctic peninsula. It was an adventure full of cold wind, zodiac boats, and penguin...

Publishing Elixir Packages

August 21, 2016

You have some Elixir code in a Mix project and pushed to a Github repository. You're code-complete-ish and ready to...

Refactoring: DNA Patterns

May 24, 2016

In the absence of a side project, yet with an urge to do some programming, I dug up some old...

Crash Course in Solving Software Bugs

August 16, 2015

Much time on the job as a developer is spent not writing new code, but fixing bugs in old code....

Namespacing in Javascript

December 21, 2014

Without namespacing, Javascript becomes disorganized and insane. Because effectively namespacing in Javascript involves anonymous functions and closures, some of Javascript's...